Dental Insurance

We recognize that a trip to the dentist can be expensive, which is why at Skyview Dental we accept all forms of insurance coverage, and as a courtesy to our patients we also offer direct billing as long as your policy allows it.

Alberta does not have a standard dental fee guide, therefore Dentists are able to set their own fees according to their own individual practice. Materials, time, supplies/equipment and staffing are all taken into consideration when fees are set. Insurance companies also set their own fee allowances for dental treatment. Therefore, it is important that individuals with dental insurance coverage recognize that some companies pay fixed amounts for treatment while others pay a percentage. Neither guarantees you full payment for all treatment and it is the patients responsibility to pay any deductibles, co-insurance amounts or any other portion not covered by your insurance. We highly recommend that you know and understand your own dental insurance policy.

Upon request by the patient or upon the recommendation of the dentist/dental team, our office will be happy to send pre-authorizations to insurance companies in order to receive more accurate estimates regarding coverage for treatment.